Mathematically Inspired Art

Throughout history many cultures have practiced tiling at various levels of complexity, from abstract geometrical works to detailed representations of life.  Tessellations have been found in the artistic elements of numerous ancient cultures including the Sumerian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Persian and Arabic empires.


By the 17th century, mathematicians, astronomers and various scientists of sorts started studying  shapes and developing theorems about the ways shapes fit together.  The ensuing patterns were mathematically and artistically wondrous!

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TANGRAMS: Artistic Silhouettes

In addition to its common puzzle varieties, tangrams can be found represented both literally and interpretively in various forms.

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STARS: Stories Written in the Sky

Ancient peoples believed that the Gods lived in the heavens, created the stars and lived amongst them. Many cultures started to recognize patterns in the sky (constellations), give them names, and weave stories about them.  Behind every constellation there is a story and over time, different cultures developed their own set of unique tales for each of the star patterns.

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