Slices of Pi


Share your preferred quotes and/or pictures relating to SCIENCE or ART or both!  Tell us why you like what you like!

Lisa G. from Ottawa, Ont.
So true!  To each their own strengths and weaknesses.


Selena W. from Ottawa, Ont.
“Thinking outside of the box is unnecessary when there are no boxes in your imagination.”  – Matshona Dhliwayo, author


John C. from Gatineau, Qc.
Equality is treating everyone the same. Treating everyone exactly the same actually is not fair.  Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful.


Tamara T.  from Barrie, Ont.
“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” -Albert Einstein


Wendy C.  from Richmond Hill, Ont.
Is there even such a thing as “healthy competition” these days?


Jean G. from Sherbrooke, Qc.
Believe in yourself and your potential.


Marion C. from Ottawa, Ont.
Art is simply a different way of seeing the same world.


Betty M. from Ottawa, Ont.
When all this is said and done, I hope we don’t go back to “normal”, because “normal” was the problem.